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PDQ Bach / Peter Schickele

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 P.D.Q. Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach's heretofore unknown 21st child,
"the last and by far the least"

(This page was created for our Middle School Band members who are getting an introduction into this wonderful piece of musical heritage.)

WMS Students: As you read our in-class information, or listen to recordings, or read part of Professor Schickele's book, The Definitive Biography of P.D.Q. Bach, try to keep in mind what/who is real and what/who is fiction! It isn't easy to keep track of because the reality often overlaps the fiction!! Email me if you have questions about where the line is between reality & fiction.

The humor in PDQ Bach's work is VERY subtle sometimes & you really have to know a lot about music (and the world in general) before you get the joke.

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Peter Schickele

A few links

An Introduction to PDQ Bach - written by The Theodore Presser Publishing Company which is the music publishing house that puts out all of PDQ Bach's music. (Yes, these pieces are published & recorded!! Peter Schickele wrote them!)

Peter Schickele - a bio and list of works (PDQ Bach and otherwise). Peter Schicklele is an amazing musician and writes a lot of different kinds of music, everything from serious classical, to jazz, to rock, to arranging for Joan Baez, to movie music, to PDQ Bach!

Peter Schickele's website. Includes a bio and a bit about his radio program, performances, a list of PDQ links that he recommends, etc.

Peter Schickele - a short bio from The Guinness Encyclopedia of UnPopular Music (the title is also a spoof, but the bio is real).

A concert schedule for Peter Schickele

Information for this page was taken from the following sources:
  • Schickele, Peter. The Definitive Biography of P.D.Q. Bach (1807-1742)?. New York: Random House, 1976.
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