Many High Schools and Colleges/Universities have marching bands that perform half-time shows at the football games. Some bands perform the same show every game; these field shows can be quite elaborate & include costumes & special effects. Other bands focus on the marching and the music and often do different shows each week!

The University of Massachusetts "Minutemen" Marching Band received the 1998 Sudler Trophy this year!

(THE SUDLER TROPHY is to marching bands what the Heisman Trophy is to football!)

The The University of Massachusetts "Minutemen" Marching Band

Photos by Ben Barnhart, taken from the UMass Magazine, Fall 1998 issue online

Click on the link above for more info about the band & the Sudler Trophy. Go to University of Massachusetts "Minutemen" Marching Band website for more info on the group called "The Power and Class of Massachusetts"

The University of Texas Longhorn Band

Each of those little spots spelling out "TEXAS" is a person! This is precision marching!!!

Ohio State University at the Rose Bowl

The Pride of the Buckeyes

Click here to see pictures of some of today's greatest Drum Corps

 Check out Kerry's College Marching Band List for more information. This site also includes links to high school bands and drum and bugle corps.

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