Wayland Middle School
Circus Bands Makeup

Explore the Circus Band page and the links and:

  • If you missed the first workshop (Circus 1), write a half of a page on what you learned about circus bands & the music they played (around the turn of the 20th century).
  • If you missed the 2nd workshop (Circus 2), write a half of a page on what you learned about circus parades.
  • If you missed the 3rd workshop (Circus 3), write a half of a page about modern circuses, like the Big Apple Circus or others, and how is the music different or the same.

Please use complete sentences, include at least three things that you explain in detail, and take pride in your work and your answers. (Spelling does not count.)

Print this page, fill it out and turn it in, or copy it into an email & fill it out - muffitt@bandnotes.info

1) Your Name:

2) Your email address (use your complete address, not just the user name - ex: RGB13@aol.com, not just RGB13)

3) Tell me about at least three things that you found really interesting or surprising about the material that you explored from this Circus Bands page & its links. Include a sentence to explain why you found the information interesting. (Use complete sentences!)

Go back and make sure that you had three thoughts and that you included the "why you found the information interesting" part.



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