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VIDEO/DVD Mini-Project

Watch a video about some aspect of music (classical, jazz or ethnic - not pop/rock). If the video is over an 60 (61+) minutes in length, all you need to do is watch it and have your parents write a note on this page that says you watched it and how long it was. If the video is 60 minutes or less, answer the following questions. (See grading rubric)

1- Video title:

2- A quick description of what the video was about:

3- How did the video end?

4- List at least three things that you learned that you think are really interesting:

Interesting information

Why I found it interesting

5- Part of learning about things is thinking of questions that you want answered so you can learn more. What questions did this video bring up for you?

6- Would you recommend this video to other students?   yes   no   maybe



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