Print out these instructions. Write or type your paper and either turn it in at school, or if you typed
it you may copy the text and paste it into an email to me & send it electronically.

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Listen to a recording or go to a concert (not pop/rock) and do a write-up (at least 3 paragraphs) about the music. Include in your write-up some of the following information:

  • First paragraph (general information): who was playing, a description of the group or performer, how they were dressed (if a concert), what type of music they played (classical, ethnic, jazz...), if it was a concert include where & when it took place, if you are reviewing a recording give the title of the recording and what company produced it (usually on the spine of the CD or tape).
  • Second paragraph (description of the music and musicians): list some of the pieces and the composers and describe what the music was like for each (refer to things like dynamics, tempo, contrast, repetition, style, mood, balance, melody, harmony, rhythm, surprises, etc. (DO NOT use words you don't understand - I will be able to tell that you are faking it...)
  • Third paragraph (your opinions): what was your favorite part of the concert or recording? What (if anything) did you not like? Did the performers play well? Were there any solos and what did you notice about how they were played? Did you enjoy the concert or the recording?
  • Include any other information or thoughts that you may have.

You may turn in a written review as if it were going to be in a newspaper or you may turn in a taped "radio" review. In either case, make sure it looks/sounds "professional." Neatness & pride in your work counts!

(Consider turning in your review to the school newspaper, your English teacher or sending it to "Twenty-First Century.")

The concert or recording could be of an orchestra, a band, a jazz group, and ethnic ensemble, a small ensemble or a soloist. The concert you review could be a Wayland High School concert or a college concert as well as professional performers. Please do not use pop/rock concerts or CDs.


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