Print this form and keep it handy to be sure you are including everything as you do your final copy of your composition.


Writing your own music?

The checklist below will help guide you in turning the best possible finished project.
  • There is manuscript paper in the mini-project trays or follow the link to print out some paper.
  • See Ms Muffitt if you want to use a computer music writing program and you need help.
  • Go to to download a free copy of Finale NotePad, a basic, no frills music writing program that will probably do everything you need it to do. NotePad is both Mac and PC compatible.


[  ] The piece has a clef sign, time signature and key signature.

[  ]  The composition has a title & composer at the top of the page.

[  ]  There are the correct number of beats in each measure.

[  ]  The stems go in the correct direction and are on the correct side of the note.

[  ]  Measure lines are straight (use a ruler) and within the staff (not sticking out above or below the staff lines).

[  ]  There is a double bar at the end of the piece.

[  ]  The notation is either neatly handwritten or done on computer. (A computer notation program will automatically take care of much of the above. Go to to down load a free copy of Finale NotePad)

[  ]  There are at least

  • 12 measures in the piece if it is a blues (use correct blues form)
  • 16 measures in the piece if it is some form other than blues
  • 8 measures if written for more than one instrument

[  ]  The work appears to be thoughtfully and carefully created and the student can talk about his/her ideas and how the piece came to be.

[  ]  The student performs the piece (live, recorded, or MIDI)

A or A+

All ten of the above characteristics!!


Nine characteristics


Eight characteristics


Six characteristics


Five characteristics


Four characteristics

Less than four and you should redo your project.

All projects may be fixed or redone to achieve more of the requirements
and get a better grade.

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