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Your Name____________________________       Your Instrument _________________________

Composer / Musician Mini-Biography Sheet


Composer / Musicians name __________________________________ (classical or jazz only)

Date of birth ______________________ Death date ____________________________

Place of birth _________________________________________

Other important places he/she lived are:

List three things that surprised you or that you found really interesting or really amazing about this person's life or musical accomplishments. (USE COMPLETE SENTENCES!!)




This person was a:   [  ] performer on ___________________ (inst./voice)   
                  [  ] conductor  
                  [  ] composer

BIBLIOGRAPHY: List the two sources that you used in correct bibliographic form. (If a book include: Author (last, first - for first listing). Title. Place of Publication: Publisher, Copyright date. Page number used. If web site, include: Site name. Address. Author & date if known.)

Source #1:

Source # 2

Compare the sources: answer either one of the following questions (you do not have to do both).

List something important about the person's life that you found in both sources that you used (other than the information listed above).


Describe something that was different about the description of the person's life in the two sources you used -- maybe something important you found in one source but not in the other, or maybe a piece of conflicting information (like different birthdates). . .


The most common problem is an incomplete or incorrectly formatted bibliography. Being able to write a correct bibliography is an important skill for well educated people to have, so I am making it important toward your grade in our bios. Check the bibliography page for exact formats for each type of source (book, encyclopedia, Internet), but generally the book format runs (note strange punctuation!):

Author (last, first - for first listing). Title. Place of Publication: Publisher,    Copyright date. Page number used.

If your source is from the Internet, include at least, the title of the page and its address (http://www. -etc.). Also look for who wrote or maintains the site & a date.

If you use two Internet sources, be sure that the addresses don't begin with the same address - then they are part of the same site, but different pages within that site.

Check the timeline for timeline bibliography info.

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